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You have entered a site dedicated to Kavan Smith, the Canadian actor known for his role as Major Evan Lorne in the hit series "Stargate Atlantis". He also played Deputy Andy on "Eureka" and Tom Travis on DirecTV's show "ROGUE". We'll try our best to make these pages as good as we can and collect as much info as possible. Enjoy your visit!

Upcoming US TV Appearances:
-- Supernatural (Blade Runners): TNT
Friday 1/29 | 10:00 AM Central

All listings might change. Check your local listings.

Growing the Big One
"Growing the Big One"
Red: Werewolf Hunter
"Red: Werewolf Hunter"

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Kavan Smith News Sorry there hasn't been that many updates this year. I got real busy and then lost my information for this site. But I'm back and I'm playing catch up. Kavan has done tons so just keep coming back for updates when I find stuff. :) Thanks!!

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January 23, 2016: Added some promo photos from "Hello, It's Me" to the gallery.

December 19, 2015: Added 2 photos to the gallery.

November 21, 2015: Check out the photo gallery! More photos coming soon!!

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