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Kavan Smith Interview
Exclusive interview for KavanSmithFans.com
October 2006

Our interview was given to us through email, done by Purple, especially for KavanSmithFans.com, owned by Nici. He returned it almost immediately! Thank you Kavan!

Kavan Smith Kavan,
...Before I start the interrogation, let me thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions for KavanSmithFans.com. We have been following your career since your memorable appearance in the "Runner"episode of Stargate: Atlantis. KavanSmithFans.com was born out of your appearance in "Runner." You have accumulated many fans from that episode and we have lots of questions for you, some personal and some professional. Also, I wanted to let you know that your fan thread on the Gateworld.net forum has appreciated all your comments to them and the interview you did with David there. They also enjoyed the great pictures that were taken during the interview...

We have seen several of your interviews and enjoyed them all but of course we would like to know you better... OK, we want to know everything!

So now, to satisfy the fans curiosities, questions:

When and what was your first paid acting job, the one that you consider your professional debut?
KS: My first actual paid acting job was at an old coffee house-slash-art gallery where I was asked to be part of a group of performers reading ghost stories out loud to an audience. I was extremely nervous and the light was too low so I couldnít read very well and proceeded to make a complete ass of myself. I think I was paid $50 and wanted to give back the money out of guilt for such a lowsy performance.

At what age did you realize that acting was the thing you loved to do? And when did you make the decision to pursue it?
KS: I suppose I was about 18 or 19 when I finally found the courage to admit that I wanted to be a performer. Didnít really go over too well with my family. It was a foreign idea to them. They were primarily business types. But they came around and are now some of my biggest supporters. Fear is what made me do it. Fear of living someone elseís life.

How much did your parents influence/support your decision to pursue acting?
KS: None. Thought they both support it now, my decision was entirely my own and came as a complete shock to them.

Would you please tell us a few bits of personal information? Birth date, Full name, Height, Weight, Birth place, and where you grew up, Schools you attended, birth marks, race, degrees and everything! (....blood type, shoe size, LOL, just kidding...)
KS: Personal stuff huh? Well a little canít hurt. 5í9, 175 lbs, born may 6th 1970 in Canada. No birth marks Iíll admit to. Grew up primarily in Calgary Canada. Went to many schools. Got into a lot of trouble as a kid but never killed anyone. Went to University and College. I will keep all the names of the schools to myself because I saw that someone from somewhere sent in a high school photo and I was mortified. So Iíd rather not make it any easier to track any of those nightmares down.

When and where did you meet your wife? And how long have you been married?
KS: Met my wife on a camel treck through the Dunes of eastern Morocco. We have been married for a little over 4 years.

Do you have children? If not do you plan to have any?
KS: We are hoping to start a family in the near future.

I've noticed your tat has changed recently, would you tell us about it? What is it and its significance?
KS: The tattoo is pretty personal so I think Iíll have to keep that to myself. I will tell you that the original was a mistake. I was maybe 17 or so and when I got home my girlfriend at the time looked at it and said, "Wow thatís kindaÖ cowboyish donít you think?" So I really hated it from that day on until earlier this year when I had it changed. But that story is for me. Though I do love it now.

Kavan Smith as Agent Garrity on The 4400 We enjoy Agent Garrity on The 4400. But you seem to have more scenes and a beefier role on Stargate and I understand that it tapes simultaneously with The 4400. I know you like doing Stargate but are sometimes unavailable because of The 4400. If you were forced to make a choice between working on The 4400 and Stargate: Atlantis, what show would you choose and why?
KS: Iíve been asked this question many times and the answer is that there really is no answer. I like them both, they each have pros and cons. But the way itís been working is whoever calls first. I just like to work.

The fans at Gateworld.net have given Lorne a first name, Marcus. How much influence do you think the fans will have in getting him officially named Marcus and called Marc?
KS: Unfortunately the fans will have no pull when it comes to Lorneís name. It wonít be Marcus or Marc... largely because itís Evan. Itís a done deal. But I do appreciate all the fuss over it. Thanks to anyone who weighed in with an opinion. Thank god itís not Spansky!

You've just experienced your first convention. Was is exciting for you? Did you feel the love? What are your lasting impressions of the weekend? (besides the squeeling fangirls)
KS: Lasting impressions of Dragon Con are that it was hard work. Harder than I thought it would be. That being said it was amazing to actually see, in person people that are truly affected by what I do. I look at it like a job, I get up go to work come home and on weekends I hang out with my wife. So I never see first hand how that work is perceived. But people are watching and I am blown away by that. The Con was hard work but at the same time an experience I will always remember and appreciate. Seriously devoted fans. Unreal. I had a blast.

With regards to Stargate, you mentioned at Dragon con that you would be interested in your character, Major Lorne, having a relationship with someone. Are you comfortable doing on camera love scenes? Or do you find them awkward or embarrassing?
KS: I hate on camera love scenes. They are truly awful. Iíve done quite a few of them but really try to keep them to a minimum these days. Sex scenes look great (sometimesÖ actually not often at all) but they are a bitch to do. But I do have some storiesÖ let me tell youÖ but another time, another place.

We loved your role in Blade: The Series, Mission to Mars Smallville, as well as Stark Raving Mad, Due East, to mention a few, but really all your many movies and TV shows and documentaries (yes, we've seen them all). Unfortunately, the United States does not get some of your Canadian shows. Are there any other projects/shows you are involved in from the U S that we can look forward too in the near future?
KS: Right now Iím just finishing off the season of SGA and then back to the drawing board for a while though there are a couple shows that Iím waiting to hear about (Iíll let you know when I know) Other than that 4400 starts again in January so with any luck Iíll be back at it with them for a while and then who knowsÖ show biz is a son of a bitchÖ always looking for the next job.

Have you done theater to any extent, professionally? If so, do you enjoy it and would you like to do theater in the future?
KS: I started in theater. Thatís where I did my training. Itís where I finished my schooling. I havenít done any in years though. I would love to do it again some day. But for the time being I am a typical male and am unable to multi-task and right now the effort is going into film and TV. The one thing about theater is it usually takes a pretty significant time commitment and thatís tough to do working in film.

Kavan Smith as Major Lorne on Stargate Atlantis Have you visited your fan thread at Gateworld.net? (we don't really bite...at least not hard)
KS: I have not visited the fan thread at Gateworld.net. I donít really know where it is. But Iíve heard some pretty crazy things from some of the fans at Dragon ConÖ pretty wild.

Is there any other information you would like to give the website dedicated to you? Any corrections that we need to make? Or maybe a special statement to your fans?
KS: I donít really offer a ton of personal info to anyone even close friends because Iím a fiercely private kind of guy but I would like to make a quick statement to any fans I may have especially to those whoíve really gone out of their way to express their support, like making up web sites, or writing kind words or posting photos (minus the highschool stuffÖ thatís gotta go, I look like a science experiment gone bad) or whatever elseÖ Iím moved. Iím touched. Iím confusedÖ but in a good way. I hope I can continue to earn your support and good graces. I will try my best. Much love and respectÖ Kavan.

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